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  • MORE LEADS: that are high quality and high converting
  • MORE SALES: High quality funnel & conversion structures built specifically for Pinterest & SEO
  • MORE TRAFFIC & LINKS FOR SEO: Rank your site for ads & organic keywords & drive high quality links back to your pages
  • MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Generating more consistent leads to create more sales for your brand
  • LESS DEPENDENCY ON ONE AD PLATFORM: that could get shut down, blocked or banned at any time

Hey Hey, I'm Lindsay (Your Ecom + PIN ADS Growth Mentor)

I have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Newsweek and other REPUTED Media Platforms as a Pin Ads Expert and Traffic Generation Specialist.

My clients call me "The Ecom Empress". 😜

Over the last 17 years I’ve helped build hundreds of ecom brands. I’ve seen the crazy 7,8 & 9 figure successes and the bankruptcy failures…

My team (Pins 4 Profit Agency & BrandRanx Media) and I manage more than $15M/ month in Ad spend for our clients across multiple marketing channels.

I’ve seen everything you can think of that creates both success and failure in ecom. It’s my goal to help you avoid the common pitfalls and quickly implement techniques that can create massive results.

I'm obsessed with helping amazing ecommerce entrepreneurs create radical success in their business through new paid and organic channels.


1. Scaling GROWTH Strategy MAP

We’ll review your brand strategy and create a clear & detailed plan to help you have powerful positioning on PInterest with high converting leads & sales funnels that work for the Pinterest Platform. You'll get a custom-designed surround sound breakdown using our trademarked growth strategies (Crafted & Customized to your unique goals, products & business model).


We’ll take a look at your audiences & help find your best customers who will help with the powerful positioning of your brand and help turn them into super customers who help you grow your brand by even becoming super affiliates helping create even more growth in your industry!  

3. Metric + KPI analysis & Positioning

We’ll take a look at what’s converting now & help choose the right metrics to go for as well as the perfect types of products, funnels & strategies to match the offers & metrics.


We’ve worked with and have inside Pinterest platform access to help you find the perfect positioning in relationship to your competitors! We can help identify where they get traffic, what kind of ads their using and what kind of conversions will be best suited for your brand & products.

5. CONVERSION ANALYSIS on Pinterest Positioning & Education

We’ll help walk through funnels and confirm the best most profitable positioning for most efficient conversions. We’ll walk with you through the ins & outs of how Pinterest works so you’re the most powerfully positioned for crazy scaling

(Act Fast! FREE Spots Fill Up Very Quickly)
We’ve only got space for 2 more awesome brands to help this month!


(Act Fast! FREE Spots Fill Up Very Quickly)
We’ve only got space for 2 more awesome brands to help this month!

You’ll also be getting a copy of our Set Up Your first Pinterest Ads Startup Guide to help you learn more about how to have successful Pin Ads

(Act Fast! FREE Spots Fill Up Very Quickly)
We’ve only got space for 2 more awesome brands to help this month!

Maybe you’re tired of:

  • Ad Bans
  • No idea where to start with a new ads channel
  • Account Bans
  • Product Bans
  • Writing a Million Guest Posts to get organic traffic and Waaaaaiting
  • Going Live a 100x on social media
  • Creating a Million podcast episodes
  • Blogging a ton of times
  • Creating a million freebies & opt ins

We’ll help you quickly get ad traction to your offers without all the guesswork and while we are right there with you to avoid all the common mistakes from the beginning.

Imagine Your Brand

  •  Scaling your sales & leads beyond your current organic & ads channels
  • Having clients and sales flock to you at all times, because now your funnel & sales process is perfectly geared toward a new marketing channel on autopilot (stop being dependent on your content creation & other channels)
  • ​Not having to stress out about creating a million pieces of content and watching ads manager all day 
  • Feeling confident that you have an awesome team who’s extremely experienced with Pinterest and has helped many other brands have sustainable, scalable success.
  • ​Not wasting money and time on an ads strategy that’s not profitable
  • ​No longer worrying about the rat race of creating ads, copy, headlines, keywords & images all day spending your valuable time & wondering if they will work
  • ​Not worrying about the IOS14/15 updates and being dependent on one or two marketing channels

If you’re looking for a team of the best of the best who has the experience to take what you’ve built and scale it on a new channel - we’ve got you!

We aren’t your typical marketing agency: 

Most other agencies have experience with Facebook or Google Ads & think that same strategy will work on Pinterest… AND IT DOESN’T. 

So lots of YOUR valuable money gets wasted with very few if any sales.


We’ve helped some awesome brands 2x, 5X and even 10X their brands with Pinterest Ads, while taking all the stress & work of opening a new marketing channel off your plate.

We spend over $30M/year profitably for our clients at an average 3X-4X ROAS while taking all the work off their plates, and we are excited to help you open a new marketing channel too!

Apply Today & Become Eligible To Get 

FREE $1000 Ad Spend Credit
Start your advertising journey off right!!

That’s correct! When you enroll today, you will get an opportunity to avail our Done-For-You Services at a discounted rate along with a FREE $1000 Ad Spend Credit based on the plan you choose.

Not only will you have $1000 loaded into your ad account, but you will also have our team of experts helping you every step of the way demonstrating how to get the best ROI for your ad spends. 

This BONUS Offer will only be available to those who sign up today.

This is PERFECT For Entrepreneurs & Advertisers Who Are Ready To:

>> Expand Ads channels From Dropshipping/ Retail / Amazon to Your Own Ecommerce Platform

  • Expand your established retail business online to reach new audiences and scale your profits
  • Escape large amazon fees of your established business and unpredictable algorithms by building and scaling your eCommerce brand with Pinterest Ads.
  • ​Turn your dropshipping wins into actual brands that radically thrive.
  • ​Find creative ways to target your audiences on Facebook & Instagram with our Market Research and API-backed targeting strategy

>> Launch New Stores & New Products

  • Launch new products using our expertise for maximum attention and consistent sales.
  • Build anticipation and brand awareness with our pre-sale strategies and pinterest campaigns.
  • ​Get new product launches off the ground quickly without wasting hard earned $$ on adspend without strategy

>> Scale their Ecommerce Brand

  • Our goal is to help you open and scale Pinterest as a new advertising platform for your Ecommerce Brand.
  • Find new audiences and markets for your products to counter market saturation, escape competition and mitigate iOS updates.
  • ​Lower your Costs of Acquisition, increase conversion rates and rescue lost sales with our multi-channel Retargeting Strategies.
  • Make your customers spend more at every purchase using upsell and bundling strategies.

Who this is not for:

  • "Shiny object syndrome advertisers” Who are not willing to let a new strategy & marketing channel take full effect
  • ​Non-Action Takers - We want you to get real results! So everything we do is tailored to help action get taken for you now!
  • You don't sell info products or ecommerce goods
  • You're afraid to make decisions & try new methods of advertising
  • ​​You're not serious about growing your business by 6-7 figures over the next 4-8 months

You + Us =

90 Minute Onboarding Strategy Call

Let’s start with a 90-min onboarding call with our entire team to go over your marketing strategy, goals, messaging, offers, budget, analytics & reporting and timeline.

Ad Strategy Plan

Let’s start with a 90-min onboarding call with our entire team to go over your marketing strategy, goals, messaging, offers, budget, analytics & reporting and timeline.

Powerful Tech & Reporting Structure

We have created the industry leading standard on Pinterest ads reporting for cross channel marketers. Our world class tech team will setup all of the tech we need and customize your ads dashboard for monthly in depth and daily reporting

Targeting + Audience Building

This is what we love to do! Our team works hard to know everything about your ideal client so that we find them through ads, attract them through copy, and close them!

Customized Luxury Ad Graphics

Ad images are designed by our world renowned design team to create customized & on brand graphics that will attract high-paying customers to your products.

Customized Ad Headlines & Copywriting

We research & write your customized ad copy & headlines with the targeted keywords & buzzwords to help your images & ads turn to buyers!

Ads Management

Daily optimizations & ads management by our expert advertising team for all of your advertising campaigns.

Weekly Reporting

We send you weekly performance ad reports in our customized spreadsheet for your target KPIs.

Master Cross Channel Keyword Tracking

We are masters at SEO & keyword targeting! We’ll find the perfect keyword plan targeting for you and set you up for perfect positioning.

Access to Our Influencer Network

We’ve got over 12,000 communities of amazing marketers, brand owners & potential clients that love to share powerful products with great brands!

High Touch Connection

You’ve got access to your whole team and we are dedicated to consistent communication with through a private slack channel for questions & communication (yes, you can 100% bring in your team too!)

Bi-Weekly Strategy Calls with your Team

You’ll get to chat with us and talk strategy, promo & results bi-weekly!

P4P Signature Process

No cookie cutter strategies here! We focus on building sustainable & scalable structure for your brands with SEO Organic Search! Our signature process centers on creating a custom process for your brand!

Discover & Research

The first step is to dive deeply into your existing strategy to position you for ongoing success! We want to integrate a powerful cross channel marketing strategy for your brand!

Luxury Images & Messaging

Ad Image Design & powerful messaging is a requirement for high converting search! We put together a custom messaging & design strategy to fit perfectly into your brand!


It’s always our goal to get SEO strategies launched for you in the first week of working with us!

Sales + Scaling

It’s time to grow! As we start getting some sales we help you radically grow with new audiences & Targeting for conversion & scale!


So the question is: Are You Ready For Your Next BIG Ecommerce Breakthrough via Pinterest ads?

If the answer is a BIG YES, then click that big button below I will see you on the other side.

In just a few short months, you will have the tools and training to plan and design your Pinterest ads for your business

Don't Just Take Our Word For it 

Let Our Numbers Tell You Why...
Monthly Ad Spend

$15 Million



Ad Revenue 

$75 Million



Industries Served


Why Clients Choose Us  As their Ecommerce Ads Agency?

Top Notch in House Creative Team

No project is too big for us to tackle. We've got the best creative minds to take it on...Whatever it is.

Best Analytics Tools & Practices

Where highly number oriented so you will probably never find out analysis processes and systems anywhere else.

Cross Channel Promotional Capabilities

We take you're e-commerce brands to another level through our very own cross channel promotion processes.
This site is not a part of the Facebook WebsiteAdditionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook, Google, or Pinterest in any way.

 DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures. & testimonials stated above or in the training are our personal + client sales figures. Please understand our results and our client results are not typical, We're not implying you will achieve these figures, or even create any earnings for yourself, your brand or your products. 

 This information, course, done for you services & additional materials are no guarantee of results for you, your products, your brand or your business. We have been doing marketing for the past 16+ years, and through hard work, investment in time & energy, we and our clients have achieved these types of results. The average person who purchases "how to" courses or information gets little results or even zero results. We are using these references for example purposes only. 

 Your results will vary and depend on many factors, such as (but not limited to), your funnels, conversion rate optimization, image quality + design, best practices on the platform, background, experience, and commitment. All businesses entail risk as well as huge effort and action along with a large variety of skill developments across a variety of platforms. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING. At the end of the training, we will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with myself and my team to get help with creating, scaling & implementing what we will teach you on this training. 

 This, however, is completely optional. 

The training will last around 45 minutes and if you decide that you don't want to work more closely with us, you can leave and you won't be committed to buying anything. Although the option to work with us is present, this training will give you information & tools for you to take action and create this for yourself.