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This Is Your Chance to PLAY in the BIG Leagues!!

We have worked with the 150+ TOP Industry Leaders and Brands Across The Globe & Delivered Exceptional Success.

Here's just a few of them we've helped scale to 6, 7 & 8 figures.

Your PIN Ads Academy Mentorship Includes:

A Comprehensive Ad Account Setup + Walk-through: Together, we'll break down ad accounts and walk through the setup & strategy involved in the making of 6, 7, 8 figure brands.

The Only Pinterest Ads Growth Plan You'll Ever Need:

No more guesswork. Learn Real Time Proven Pin Ads Strategies To Grow Your Ecommerce Store Using Your Custom Pinterest Ads Growth Action Plan. 
Access To Industry's Best Self Paced Pin Ads Training Portal:

A comprehensive Pinterest training portal for beginners and intermediate advertisers on how to create effective pins + My secret Pinning strategies that have helped our clients scale to over $35M/year in spend. We are constantly adding and updating the portal with the latest techniques & trainings! 
Done-For-You Canva Editable Ad Templates:

Worried about making high converting ad images? I Gotchu. Get my pack of proven ad templates and make your ads look appealing. 
1-1 Setup Call with Our Team:

For up to 60 days after your Mentorship Experience, you can book consultation call sessions with me and my team at a heavily discounted price. More details will be shared inside the program.
Hot Seat Roundups:

Together, we'll break down into your ad accounts and apply each and every aspect and strategy involved in the making of 6,7, 8 figure ecommerce brands. 
Private Community Access:

Together we’ll work through problems and issues on your accounts and you’ll be able to ask questions & share wins any time! 
Customized Tracking & Reporting:

Access to our customized reporting dashboard for the length of the program. The dashboard we use to track client results cross channel with our custom setup. Tracking your results in much better & more accurate detail. 
Weekly Copy + Creative Clinics:

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the images that we are publishing on Pinterest. I will show you my secret pinning framework and how I create images for my clients to build more authority on Pinterest. Networking events - Get knowledge directly from the Masters in the Digital Industry on our special events exclusive only for members of the program

Hey Hey, I'm Lindsay Shearer 

And I'll be taking your brand to new heights
I have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Newsweek and other media platforms as a serial entrepreneur and traffic generation specialist.

Over the last 17 years I’ve helped build hundreds of brands. I’ve seen the crazy 7,8 & 9 figure successes and the bankruptcy failures…

My team (Pins 4 Profit Agency & Launch Mastery Marketing Agency) and I manage more than $15 million / month in Ad spends for our clients.

I’ve seen everything you can think of that creates both success and failure in the online agency business. It’s my goal to help you avoid the common pitfalls and quickly implement techniques that can create massive results.
In all my experience being on the cutting edge of selling with digital marketing in the ecom industry, I have never seen anything quite like what we are seeing right now.

There’s an unprecedented demand for purchasing products online, and there’s a major lack of support for ecom brand owners to set their foundations properly to scale profitably with coaching & community. My goal is to change that by giving radical support! This is a major opportunity for ecom brand bosses who are willing to step up and lead in this new digital marketing revolution. It’s time to grow at a radical scale like you’ve never imagined before!

People are actively searching for solutions to their problems with products & services that they can get in the convenience of their homes. Our clients are seeing record breaking revenue month after month. Because they have the right systems in place for increasing their average order value and lifetime order value and creating communities and programs at scale that are able to keep up with the radical new demands!

I'm obsessed with helping amazing aspiring entrepreneurs create radical success in their business through mentorship.

If I’m being totally honest, The Pin Ads Academy Mentorship Program is literally the biggest thing that I will be doing this year for my audience. You will get access to our Behind The Scenes Processes and Systems responsible for such massive growth of us and our clients.

The Question is: Are You Ready For Your Next BIG Business Breakthrough? If your answer is a BIG, Resounding YES, then click that button down below and apply to see if you qualify.

Let’s Get PINNING !!!

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We’re Pretty Good at What We Do

We Manage More Than $15 Million / month in Ad Spends For Our Clients. Trust me, we’ve made every possible mistake you can make when you’re launching and scaling your brand.

My Goal With This Mentorship Program is To Help You Skyrocket Your Visibility & Sales Using Pinterest

An Elevated Experience for Brand Owners, Media Buyers & Freelancers who Want to Build Marketing Agencies:

We combine support, group mentorship, state of the art training, tools & templates to make sure you have everything you need to run Pinterest ads at scale.

Account Setup Mastery

This is CRITICAL for success at scale on Pinterest and almost 100% of the accounts we audit are missing key features. We teach you all the secrets of getting your accounts, reporting, ads etc. setup right so you can grow at scale.

Account Setup Mastery

Being Able to Reach the Right People who want to buy your product is critical and generally not done well on Pinterest. Most fight against the natural buying cycle and we can help. Learn the secret tricks of how to use Pinterest as a Search engine for your ads. We also teach you our techniques for higher converting creative

Account Setup Mastery

Having the Right Foundation to succeed on Pinterest as a unique channel. There are 4 areas of focus that must all fit and work together for successful ads. We show you our signature process to create campaigns that are Pinterest specific, have proper tracking, follow relevant trends, and take into account cross channel strategy.

Account Setup Mastery

Knowing Your #s and making strategic changes to improve results is CRITICAL for scale. Most marketers approach Pinterest like other channels and miss out on the unique benefits Pinterest has to offer. We help with all kinds of budgeting, audience tarketing, key performance metrics (KPIs), and how and when to make empowered & educated decisions on your ads.

Account Setup Mastery

Get more of a good thing! Maximize the potential of what Pinterest is capable of for your brand! Understand & track your target metrics at scale. Make powerful decisions on how to radically grow your brand!

10+ Years of RAVE Reviews for my Organic & Paid Strategies

"Lindsay has been a game changer for me in soooo many ways. She helped me really scale and massively grow my business. I didn't even know Pinterest was a thing haha.

But with supplements it's always a challenge to advertise on FB. I got a lot of ads banned and Pinterest has been an incredible new channel for us to see additional results."
"Lindsay is super easy to work with. She's authentic, hardworking and will give you the best possible strategy & chance for you to succeed on Pinterest.

We worked on a lot of high level reporting & attribution issues and she was willing to dive deep with us and our brands to help get higher conversions cansistently. We're working harder & harder to make changes so Pinterst is more direct response for us."


VP of Marketing, Manscaped


VP of Marketing, Manscaped


VP of Marketing, Manscaped


VP of Marketing, Manscaped

Just Imagine if You Could Achieve Amazing ResultsFor Your Brand Like This…..

Let Me Show You How To Master The Skill of Building 
 6+ Figures Brand with Pin Ads Academy Mentorship Program



There has never been a better time to startSCALING Your business through a new channel.

Today’s technology makes it super simple! Your ideal customers are waiting for you! They are actually searching for you on Pinterest! That is CORRECT! They are searching for you. Pinterest is a search engine where people go and start their shopping journey through searches, saving pins and creating boards. Searches on Pinterest are not branded and 90% of the Pinterest users are READY to buy!

Starting NOW will allow you to: 
  • Get ahead of your competition and BE THERE FIRST when users are looking for your type of product/service
  • Have an “early start” advantage and be the leading business in your business
  • NOT be dependent only on other social media, which results are questionable and very costly.
Believe me, 6 months from now you will wish you had started TODAY!

Let’s Look At The Numbers

What is your current ROAS on Ads from the different marketing platforms? Imaging being able to scale to 2x-5x ROAS in just a few weeks with Pin Ads. How does that sound? Do you have a better idea for scaling your business for such a short period of time? Because I can give you tons of examples from my clients with AWESOME sales results with Pin Ads.

Like for example:

Yes, it’s 7x ROAS! 

And what about this client’s result
9x ROAS! Yes! Are you beginning to see the potential for your brand?
Let me give you one more example:
This is ALL very real! And, yes, it is possible with Pin Ads!
This site is not a part of the Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, TicTok, Google or any other social media Website 

Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook or any other external website in any way. 

DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures. & testimonials stated above or in the training are our personal + client sales figures. Please understand our results and our client results are not typical, We're not implying you will achieve these figures, or even create any earnings for yourself, your brand or your products. 

This information, course, done for you services & additional materials are no guarantee of results for you, your products, your brand or your business. We have been doing marketing for the past 16+ years, and through hard work, investment in time & energy, we and our clients have achieved these types of results. The average person who purchases "how to" courses or information gets little results or even zero results. We are using these references for example purposes only. 

Your results will vary and depend on many factors, such as (but not limited to), your funnels, conversion rate optimization, image quality + design, best practices on the platform, background, experience, and commitment. All businesses entail risk as well as huge effort and action along with a large variety of skill developments across a variety of platforms. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING. At the end of the training, we will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with myself and my team to get help with creating, scaling & implementing what we will teach you on this training. 

This, however, is completely optional. The training will last around 45 minutes and if you decide that you don't want to work more closely with us, you can leave and you won't be committed to buying anything. Although the option to work with us is present, this training will give you information & tools for you to take action and create this for yourself.
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