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THE PIN ADS Academy® 

This is a one time advanced workshop for Ecom & Info Product business owners & advertisers who are looking to make the most of their ecommerce stores,
increase conversions and boost sales w/Pin Ads.

WEDNESDAY June 15, 10am-1pm CST




It’s Time to Become A Profitable Pin Ads MARKETING BOSS


You Won't See This Anywhere Else

Exclusive Workshop with Lindsay Shearer

2x - 10x Sales & Visibility For Your
Ecom Brand with Pinterest Ads in
4 EASY Steps

WEDNESDAY June 15, 10am-1pm CST

With the PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive

Why Most Successful Ecommerce Brands Heavily Rely on Pinterest Ads?

>> Pinterest demographic typically has a stronger purchasing power than other social media platforms- Why?? Because it’s actually a search engine - *WINK*.
>> Perfect place for brands to find an audience planning purchases & active daily
>> Pinterest ads can literally bring a ton of relevant traffic to your store by promoting pins and getting your content in front of a bigger audience.


Regular Investment - $1997

(I Charge Thousands of Dollars Per Month for doing the EXACT Things for my clients)



This is probably the FASTEST Way To Go From ZERO to PRO With Your Pinterest Ads

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive

  • Creative Actionable Strategy for Images & Videos
  • Attribution & Pixel Strategy
  • Audience Targetting
  • ​Keyword Strategy
  • ​Ad Setup Best Practices
  • ​Interest Targeting
  • ​Account Setup Secrets
  • ​Metrics to measure
  • ​Our Target KPI's
  • ​Mastering Ads Manager

This is your chance to Learn the tricks from the OFFICIAL Pinterest Media Agency Partner for 1150+ Clients across several verticals.

Here are just a few of them we've helped scale to 6, 7 & 8 figures.

We Leveraged the Power of Pinterest For Our Clients & The Results Were... 


In this PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive, we will take you through our Best practices and Case studies that will show you behind the scenes of scaling ecommerce brands beyond 6 & 7 figures.

Bringing You A LIVE NO-NONSENSE Walkthrough of Ad Accounts To Help You Generate Massive Ecommerce Sales

Yep, You heard that right!

You see, we won't just show you the results we have achieved for our clients (which as you already know are phenomenal).

We will walk you through the ad accounts responsible for these success stories.

Strategies you won't get to hear about anywhere else, from anyone else. BECAUSE - we are #1 in the industry spending millions/month profitably for our awesome clients.

This Exclusive LIVE Event will cut to the chase and show you a step by step process of leveraging the power of Pinterest Ads for your ecommerce success.

The question is:

Are you Ready To Tap Into The Power of Pinterest Ads?

Hey Hey, I'm Lindsay (Your Ecom + PIN ADS Growth Mentor)

I have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Newsweek and other REPUTED Media Platforms as a Pin Ads Expert and Traffic Generation Specialist.

My clients call me "The Ecom Empress". 😜

Over the last 17 years I’ve helped build hundreds of ecom brands. I’ve seen the crazy 7, 8 & 9 figure successes and the bankruptcy failures…

My team (Pins 4 Profit Agency & BrandRanx Media) and I manage more than $15M/ month in Ad spend for our clients across multiple marketing channels.

I’ve seen everything you can think of that creates both success and failure in ecom. It’s my goal to help you avoid the common pitfalls and quickly implement techniques that can create massive results.

I'm obsessed with helping amazing ecommerce entrepreneurs create radical success in their business through new paid and organic channels.

And I’m not sure if I’m ever going to do something like this again.

I get asked about it all the time, but our clients pay a serious premium for us to run their ads and get them radical results in their cross channel marketing strategies. And I don’t share them with ANYONE.

BUT… I’ve been worn down by my desire to see amazing brand owners to have radical success and by the heartbreak I constantly see from terrible Pin strategy that wastes amazing people’s hard earned money.

HOW TO DESIGN YOUR Pinterest Ads TO 2x - 10x Sales & Visibility For Your

Learn from the ecom industry's most successful Pinterest Ads Managers, how to
Sell your ecom offers with Pinterest ads

A 1- Day Virtual Workshop

One Powerful Day of Actionable Workshops, Tell-All Q & A Sessions and so much more. All aspiring and advanced ecom business owners, media buyers, coaches, experts, and course creators are welcome!

HOW TO DESIGN YOUR Pinterest Ads TO 2x - 10x Sales & Visibility For Your

Learn from the ecom industry's most successful Pinterest Ads Managers, how to
Sell your ecom & info product offers with Pinterest ads

PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive

One Powerful Day of Actionable Workshops, Tell-All Q & A Sessions and so much more. All aspiring and advanced ecom business owners, media buyers, coaches, experts, and course creators are welcome!


The Pinterest Ads Revolution

In this exclusive workshop, you'll learn the biggest shifts that are impacting the ecom & digital marketing industry right now:

  • The dramatic shifts with the ios 14/15 updates and how they’re affecting the entire digital marketing & advertising landscape
  • ​Why Choose Pinterest ads + organic marketing is disrupting the Industry
  • ​What kind of brands are working on Pinterest
  • ​The buying behavior of Pinterest buyers and how to work with it vs against it.
  • ​Pinterest Ads + SEO, why they are the magic combination for search ranking
  • ​How to eliminate the competition and set yourself up for success on Pinterest
  • Search vs. Social Media Buying Behavior

WORKSHOP #2: Design & Deliver Irresistible Offers on Pinterest

In this actionable training, you'll learn how to design and deliver offers that crush it on Pinterest ads + organic marketing!

  • Positioning your offers for conversion on Pinterest 
  • ​The perfect offers for Pinterest that work for ads and organic
  • ​What kind of funnels convert the best on Pinterest 
  • ​The social & search buying behavior of Pinterest buyers and how to create offers for both.
  • ​Pinterest Ads + SEO search behavior & funnel builds
  • Informational Buying Behavior on Pinterest
  • Search & Educational “Indoctrination” buying behavior to help your ideal clients fall in love with your brand

WORKSHOP #3: Types of Campaigns & How to Use them on Pinterest Ads

  •  Determining your ad goal targets for highest conversions
  • ​Determining the most effective campaigns based on your conversion goals
  • Top of funnel campaigns
  • ​Middle of funnel campaigns
  • ​Multi-product campaigns
  • Choosing the type of objectives to optimize best

BONUS Workshop: Getting Your Account Setup & Ready for Pinterest Ads:

  • Proper account structure
  • ​Utilizing organic metrics
  • Utilizing ads manager
  • Setting Up a personal & business account 
  • Organizing & optimizing your boards
  • How to get your best possible headstart on Pinterest

Here’s what we will do together in the LIVE workshop:


Get your brand ready to open a new marketing channel on Pinterest, and generate new income stream. Get into the mindset for scaling success to be successful and serve great people your awesome products & services!

sales strategy for YOUR SPECIFIC PRODUCTS FOR Pinterest Ads

The simplest and fastest ways to determine your perfect scaling setup for the best amount of sales.


You need an entire full surround sound strategy for an entire marketing ecosystem. Ad platforms and clients don’t live on a single channel in a vacuum, so you’ve got to have a full cross channel strategy setup.

So the question is: Are You Ready For Your Next BIG Ecommerce Breakthrough via Pinterest ads?

If the answer is a BIG YES, then click that big button below I will see you on the other side.

In just a few short hours, you will have the tools and training to plan and design your Pinterest ads for your business

Wed June 15th, 10am CST

Just Imagine if You Could Achieve Amazing Results For Your 
Stores Like This…..

Here's a taste of what you'll find AT the PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive…

How we helped a Mom Clothing Brand Generate 8x ROAS Consistently After Using Our Strategy with a 3x- 4x ROAS on Cold Traffic.

How we helped a Mom Clothing Brand Generate 8x ROAS Consistently After Using Our Strategy with a 3x- 4x ROAS on Cold Traffic.

How We Grew A Beauty Accessory Brand to $X USD in Sales with 9X+ ROAS.

This is Your Golden Opportunity at Taking Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level via Pinterest Ads.


This is PERFECT For Entrepreneurs & Advertisers
Who Are Ready To:

>> Shift From Dropshipping/ Retail / Amazon to Your Own Ecommerce Platform

  • Expand your established retail business online to reach new audiences and scale your profits
  • ​Escape large amazon fees of your established business and unpredictable algorithms by building and scaling your eCommerce brand with Pinterest Ads.
  • ​Turn your dropshipping wins into actual brands that radically thrive.
  • ​Find creative ways to target your audiences on Facebook & Instagram with our Market Research and API-backed targeting strategy

>> Launch New Stores & New Products

  •  Launch new products using our expertise for maximum attention and consistent sales.
  • ​​Build anticipation and brand awareness with our pre-sale strategies and pinterest campaigns.
  • ​Get new product launches off the ground quickly without wasting hard earned $$ on adspend without strategy

>> Scale their Ecommerce Brand

  •  Our goal is to help you open and scale Pinterest as a new advertising platform for your Ecommerce Brand.
  • Find new audiences and markets for your products to counter market saturation, escape competition and mitigate iOS updates.
  • Lower your Costs of Acquisition, increase conversion rates and rescue lost sales with our multi-channel Retargeting Strategies.
  • ​Make your customers spend more at every purchase using upsell and bundling strategies.

This is PERFECT For BRANDS Like:

Beauty Brands
Hair Care
Home Decor
Mom + Baby Brands
​Fitness Brands
​Fashion Brands 
(Womens + Mens)
Skin Care
Info Products
Food & Drink Products
DIY Products + Courses

Your PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive Includes: 

  • A Comprehensive Ad Account Walk-through: Together, we'll break down into ad accounts that understand each and every aspect and strategy involved in the making of 6, 7, 8 figure ecommerce brands. 
  • The Only Pinterest Ads Growth Plan You'll Ever Need Again: No more guesswork. Learn Real Time Proven Pin Ads Strategies To Grow Your Ecommerce Store Using Pinterest Ads Growth Action Plan.
  • ​Done-4-You Discounts:  Heavily discounted access to images, courses & our done-4- you services. Worried about making high converting ad images? I Gotchu. Get my pack of proven ad templates and make your ads look appealing.
  • Eligible for a Discounted Monthly Strategy Call Support - For up to 60 days after your PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive Experience, you can book consultation call session with me and my team at a heavily discounted price. More details will be shared on the Live Event.
  • Hot Seat Roundups - Together, we'll break down into your ad accounts and apply each and every aspect and strategy involved in the making of 6, 7, 8 figure ecom & info product brands. 

Regular Investment - $1997

(I Charge Thousands of Dollars Per Month for doing the EXACT Things for my clients)

Available NOW For FREE!!

(Grab it now it won't be free again!)

10+ Years of RAVE Reviews for my
Pinterest Organic & Paid Strategies

Kara - Ayurveda Supplements Online

"Lindsay has been a game changer for me in soooo many ways. She helped me really scale and massively grow my business. I didn't even know Pinterest was a thing haha.

 But with supplements it's always a challenge to advertise on FB. I got a lot of ads banned and Pinterest has been an incredible new channel for us to see additional results."

Ryan - VP of Marketing, Manscaped

"Lindsay is super easy to work with. She's authentic, hardworking and will give you the best possible strategy & chance for you to succeed on Pinterest.

 We worked on a lot of high level reporting & attribution issues and she was willing to dive deep with us and our brands to help get higher conversions consistently. We're working harder & harder to make changes so Pinterest is more direct response for us."

Maybe you’re tired of:

  • Ad Bans
  • No idea where to start with a new ads channel
  • Account Bans
  • ​Product Bans
  • ​Writing a Million Guest Posts to get organic traffic and Waaaaaiting
  • ​Going Live a 100x on social media
  • ​Creating a Million podcast episodes
  • ​Blogging a ton of times
  • ​Creating a million freebies & opt ins

We’ll show you how to quickly get ad traction to your offers without all the guesswork and while we are right there with you to avoid all the common mistakes from the beginning.

The Future of The Ecom
 Industry is in your hands now

It seems like yesterday when we all were shaken up due to the pandemic.

And then after a few days, we woke up and planned to adapt and succeed. 

We mobilized and we got down to business.

And then something amazing happened... We knew it was coming though..

Our clients reported one of the biggest record breaking months.

Like I said, we were expecting it and because that's what our plan was all about.

Winning The New Normal.

And it worked like gangbusters.

While everyone was freaking out, our clients were thriving.

In our signature mentorship program that we're outlining the strategies for you here in these workshops, we came up with some really good ecommerce tactics that paved the way for huge growth.

And I will reveal a few of the easier ones in this workshop too.

I decided to share this with the world so I can do what I can to make sure that the ecommerce owners outside my inner circle can also benefit from these golden strategies and become more successful.

You can successfully open new marketing channels & become an even bigger Boss in your niche, if you take inspired action.

Regular Investment - $1997

(I Charge Thousands of Dollars Per Month for doing the EXACT Things for my clients)

Available NOW For FREE!!


Due to the nature of this PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive, there are absolutely, positively NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. We will not be able to process any refunds for any reason.  Replays Only Last for One Week when they are available!

You Might Have Some Questions and I’ve got some answers!

>> What makes this workshop & learning from you on Pin ads different?

This is a hands on, immersive live experience! Our goal is to walk with you through a deep dive of ins and outs to give you actual live working strategy. And you’re learning from the literal best in the industry. We spend millions profitably for our clients every single month on Pinterest ads. 

We’ve helped over 1150+ brands crush it in their ecom brand & ads strategies. We’ve also got the most up to date strategies because we help create them with Pinterest development team!

>> I'm a newbie ecommerce owner and I haven't had consistent sales. Is this LIVE workshop too advanced for me?

Nope! If you're a newbie, this PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive is designed for you! It's designed to not only get your pin ads growth strategy together, but give you TONS of clarity about how to scale it to 6 & 7 figures. You'll walk away with the MASSIVE confidence to become a Pin Ads BOSS. 

>> Have the IOS updates affected Pinterest & are they still profitable?

If you’ve made changes to your site to switch to server side API tracking, so far you’re in the clear for ios updates. We did see a bit of a difference for about 2 weeks after the rollout but things have gone back to normal. As marketers we always have to make changes to stay with the ever changing digital marketing landscape. We have a weekly meeting with Pinterest internal engineers to keep up on the most up to date Pin info in all areas of the platform.

>> Is it affordable to run Pinterest ads?

YES! We get some of our cheapest costs per lead (cpl) and cost per thousand impressions (cpm) from Pinterest in our cross channel online marketing strategies.

We’ve been working with large budgets on Pinterest for years now so we've been able to master some strategies and techniques that majorly cut down testing time for new brands as well.

>> Is Pinterest Scalable?

YES. We spend over $150k/day on ads for some of our clients on Pinterest. We generally start with smaller budgets and test a ton of stuff then as we get traction, we begin to use scaling techniques. 

Pinterest in general is slower to warm up as an advertising platform but can still be a direct response.

>> If I can’t come to the live session should I still come?

Absolutely! You will have access to the replays of the PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive for 1 week after the live launch. You can also get discounted access to our staff to help you get more custom & deeper info as you need it.

>> Ads seem hard and like a lot to learn, should I hire an agency to work with?

Ads do take time and effort to learn like any business strategy. We recommend the virtual retreat even for our clients so they can understand what is happening inside their ad account. We do offer discounted done for you services to our PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive participants if you still want extra support.

>> I’m suuuuper busy should I wait till the next round?

I’m not sure if or when we will launch this Live Intensive again! I’ve been asked for 3 years now to do Pin ads courses & trainings. Currently we only really offer Done-4-You Services. So we’re testing this out and will see if we decide to run it again. If we do it will be very limited seating to make sure everyone is deeply taken care of. Don’t miss out on this opportunity while it’s here! You get to learn a skill that will keep helping your brand profit!

 >> What if I want more support after the PIN ADS 1/2 Day LIVE Intensive?

We hand pick the brands that we work with because we want them to be radically successful! We’ve got a few other options to work with us more ongoing in our Pin Ads Academy Mentorship Program, and with our audits, done-4-you services and strategy calls. We also have an awesome FB Group where you can always ask questions and get more trainings. Take a look and we’ll also give students great discounts on these! See you inside!

Will Give You The Tools To Skyrocket Your Ecom + Info Sales on Pinterest!

Regular Investment - $1997

Available NOW For FREE!!

This site is not a part of the Facebook WebsiteAdditionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way.

 DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures. & testimonials stated above or in the training are our personal + client sales figures. Please understand our results and our client results are not typical, We're not implying you will achieve these figures, or even create any earnings for yourself, your brand or your products. 

 This information, course, done for you services & additional materials are no guarantee of results for you, your products, your brand or your business. We have been doing marketing for the past 16+ years, and through hard work, investment in time & energy, we and our clients have achieved these types of results. The average person who purchases "how to" courses or information gets little results or even zero results. We are using these references for example purposes only. 

 Your results will vary and depend on many factors, such as (but not limited to), your funnels, conversion rate optimization, image quality + design, best practices on the platform, background, experience, and commitment. All businesses entail risk as well as huge effort and action along with a large variety of skill developments across a variety of platforms. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING. At the end of the training, we will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with myself and my team to get help with creating, scaling & implementing what we will teach you on this training. 

 This, however, is completely optional. 

The training will last around 45 minutes and if you decide that you don't want to work more closely with us, you can leave and you won't be committed to buying anything. Although the option to work with us is present, this training will give you information & tools for you to take action and create this for yourself.